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Shoshana Witter
Get To Know The Woman Behind The Movement
Meet Shoshana Witter
The Woman Uplifting Other Women

Shoshana Witter proudly calls the gorgeous coast of Beaufort, South Carolina her home, though her artistic approach has been influenced culturally from inspiration all over the world. She has found insight in the influences from Japan specifically, but she also sources nuances of inspiration from Africa, greater Asia, and Europe. It is Shoshana’s love for travel that has so heavily influenced her creative identity – both in style and in color.

Shoshana completed her training at Wella Academy in New York and Los Angeles, where she quickly grew into becoming a Wella Colorist Educator herself. After this, she ventured abroad to study at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London. She has spent years honing her skills to absolute perfection while building her repertoire of knowledge and techniques.

With over two decades of experience under her creative belt, Shoshana has become a well-rounded, creative stylist, that specializes in custom color and precision cuts. It has become second nature for Shoshana to think beyond the box in order to create the classy, chic, and polished look that her guests compliment her on, always managing to encapsulate their best features and individual personality.

Shoshana wields the ability to use true creative vision in order to epitomize the client-centric approach that Sophistiquee Beauty is all about.
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The Creation Of Sophistiquee Beauty
How The Master Of Her Craft Found Her Calling
The story of how Shoshana the girl became Shoshana the Colorist, and then later grew into Shoshana the woman and creator of haircare to unleash your inner queen, is actually quite a simple and humbling tale.

It starts with Shoshana at age 11, standing in the doorway of her mother’s kitchen. Her grandfather came to her with an odd request, a dilemma she would mark as the start of her career. Holding a box of ‘Just For Men’, her grandfather asked her: “Can you use this in my hair to cover the gray?”. In utter disbelief, she reminded him that she was only 11 years old, and he responded quite matter-of-factly: “You know how to read, don’t you?”.

“Yes, sir” Shoshana responded as her adventure began. Obedient yet near paralyzed with fear, Shoshana read the instructions on the box and did her best to apply the hair color. Despite her trembling fingers and sweaty brow, she soldiered on for what seemed like hours.

Finally, success!

However, Shoshana’s mother walked in and took one look at the mess that had been created on the kitchen counter and in the sink, and replied bluntly that “The next time your grandfather wants you to color his hair, go to his house!”.

Despite this criticism and pressure, Shoshana felt an amazing sense of accomplishment and achievement! She felt powerful. It was then that the seed was planted, and the Colorist in her was born. Little did anyone know the brilliant heights that her passion would take her to!
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A Word From Shoshana
“I love what I do, and I’m passionate about ensuring that all women feel beautiful and confident. It’s a delight to see a smile on my client’s face. Then and only then, do I know that my job is done.”