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Our vision of creating a salon that welcomes sophisticated and successful women to take care of their inner queen has driven us to become one of the most compassionate and innovative salons in the industry. After all, without care and compassion, no woman can thrive. Our hearts beat along with those of everyday women to create a salon that puts you first!

Sophistiquee Beauty was created by Shoshana Witter when, after over 20 years of being a stylist, she realized what it was that her clients’ hair needed. She created the salon to answer a need not only for her hair care products but for a salon that was a place of celebration of everyday women as the queens they deserve to be treated as.
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In order to create this salon, Shoshana crafted an environment that offered an unparalleled and elevated salon experience. She went (a thousand steps) further by creating premium quality hair care products that guests could easily use at home. She did this by partnering with a team of world-class chemists to help her create products that used only the finest high-quality ingredients without sacrificing real-world results.

Now our guests can continue to enjoy the feeling of being treated as queens from the comfort of their own homes while maintaining the health of their hair and scalp beyond the salon.
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We have built our salon on the principles of quality, service, and passion. We will always treat our guests with the utmost compassion and respect to ensure they always feel comfortable and cherished. At Sophistiquee Beauty, every woman is a queen, and we make sure you know it.