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  • $350.00
Discover The ‘Why’ Behind Color Theory
Our class offers you the chance to experience color theory learning that is easy, effortless, and FUN! If you have ever asked yourself “Where do I begin?” or “Where will I end up?”, then we have the answer.

We use an interactive hands-on approach that includes props, charts, and other visual aids to help you discover and understand the ‘why’ behind hair color. Overcome your fears in a class that has been designed to help stylists create customized, beautiful, predictable, and long-lasting color results. Now, you can learn how to perfect color for every single one of your clients.

What You Will Learn
Our class is designed to help you gain as much benefit as possible in our 4-hour session. When you take the Hands-On 1:1 Color Theory Class, you will learn:
  • The right time to use permanent versus semi-permanent color
  • Which developer to use when formulating a client’s color
  • The right way to get better coverage on greys
  • When and how to use both lightener and toner
  • Evaluating a candidate to determine who is the best to receive color services
  • The effects of porosity and texture on the final outcome of your color
What To Bring Along
We will provide a mannequin for your class. Make sure you are prepared for your class by bringing along the following items:
  • Tripod
  • Gloves
  • Sectioning Combs
  • Teasing combs
  • Clips
  • Color Smock
  • Towel
  • Color Brush
  • Foils

If you want to find out more about our Hands-On 1:1 Color Theory Class, be sure to talk to us at Sophistiquee Beauty. Start your journey today!

Please note that the TOTAL COST of this class is $1,000. By purchasing today, you are paying a $350 deposit towards this class.